Oma Berlin

My aunt Maria, sometime in the 1950s.


Meinrad Sattler 1925

My paternal great-great-grandfather, Meinrad Sattler, in ca. 1925, who was married to a French and worked the gardens of the Castle of Versailles.
My mother's family owned large plant nurseries in Potsdam and later in the south of Berlin, Germany. My mother became a master florist. Her grandfather was specialized in the cultivation of cyclames.

My Paternal great-great grandfather was gardener at the Castle of Versailles in France (below left). My grandfather was a gardener for the city of Stuttgart and my father became an environmental scientist.

 Cyclamen Schneider-Maatsch die Gaertnerische Berufspraxis

"Cyclamen" from the books series: The Practice of Gardening by my great grandfather Fritz Schneider. Berlin, 1937

gardener apprentice
"The Vocational School of Gardening"

fruit tree grafting

From the art of grafting fruit trees

flower bed twine

spools of twine that my paternal grandfather used to draw straight lines for plantings

A "tree scraper"

asparagus cover

"The Culture of Asparagus Species"

fruitbearing tree vegetation

A "landscape where fruit-bearing trees thrive"

grind stone holder

Casing for grindstone that was carried on a belt by my maternal great grandmother

sweet cherries

Sweet Cherries

tying tree

Tying a tree with coconut twine

Vati web

My mother's stepfather (left) as a Cyclamen wholesaler in Berlin, Kreuzberg ca. 1960

trained grapevine

Grape vines, vertically trained
grapevines illustration

poorly and well developed buds on grape vine

pruning fruit tree

wrong and propper pruning of grape vine

beergarden plan

Blueprint for a beer garden from 1903 - to be implemented  by request!

fruit tree saw

Different types of saws

garden pulley flaschenzug

Pulley with open hook used by my paternal grandfather

fruitbearing tree raising

The cultivation of trees within a vegetable yard

pruning knife

My mother's florist knife from her time as teenage apprentice in a flower shop in Berlin, 1956-'58 and later at "Broadway Florist" in Los Angeles, 1965-66,
cordon post
A "Cordon post"

viola tricolor maxima Trimardean

Pansy, "Viola tricolor maxima Trimardean"

pepper pfefferschoten

Pepper, Procopps Riesen

beneficial garden insects

Color illustration from the book "Various Beneficial Garden Insects" from 1917, published by the Royal Court Press, Trowizsch & Sohn