Individualized Gardening and Landscaping Services for Staten Island's North Shore      - SINCE 2007 -


Reduce your carbon footprint!

Learn about our Three Shades of Green servicing options:

Kelly Green

City Green

Downtown Green

We're making efforts in providing all clients with a eco-friendly service that is not just beneficial to your lawn and plants but also helps to protect our waterways.

Read Our Interview with Melissa McCoy from the EPA about the perils of residential lawn maintenance

Based in St. George, Staten Island, we mainly service the North Shore of Staten Island. Our strength is a great flexibility, geared towards the personal demands of each client.          back >>

Respect & Reuse

We work towards a garden design that is one with its environment. We love to use, reuse and recycle objects that we find on our work sites. Old brick, drift wood, flower pots, tin buckets, nature rock: Let us create an inspiring and unique garden environment with your backyards' hidden treasures!

Yes, we mow lawns! We trim hedges. We prune trees and shrubs. We power wash decks and driveways, we plant and weed, we care and nurture, we advise and we guide. Those are our three general servicing options:

Kelly Green   

Our standard line of service:

- Truck and power tool use
- Application of lawn fertilizer only if asked for
- No application of pesticides
- Mulching of lawn and leaf clippings

City Green   

Our advanced green option:

- Truck use
- use of gas powered lawn mower
- intermittent use of other power tools
- Application of lawn fertilizer only if asked for
- No application of pesticides
- Mulching of lawn and leaf clippings

Downtown Green   

Going downtown, the green way:

- No truck use
- No use of lawn mower or power tools
- No application of lawn fertilizers
- No application of pesticides
- Mulching of lawn and leaf clippings

We're making efforts to not have the costs vary too much between our different servicing options. Pricing will be determined individually. Please ask us about availability in your neighborhood.

Job Opportunities   

Join Grassroot’s Landscaping Team!

We're always looking for reliable, hard working individuals to help us mow lawns, dig the earth and tilt the soil. Do not apply if you're not willing to work in harsh outside conditions, hot or cold. Do not apply if you're not ready for physically demanding work.

Serving the North Shore of Staten Island

We are grateful to serve in the historic districts of Staten Island's St. George/ New Brighton areas and adjacent neighborhoods, known for its picturesque views, magnificent Victorian houses and lush gardens.

We take on regular or spontaneous maintenance assignments and work on individual projects with long and short-term commitments.

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